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A Mountain Bike Called Mavis – Seriously

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I have a tendency to name things.  Lots of my mechanical things have names, bikes, cars, cameras (although admittedly that is often more of a description), the list goes on and one. So I couldn’t believe it when I found out my husband had never named his Raleigh Maverick which he’s owned since it was new in 1985!

‘She needs a name,’ I proclaimed, even though he wasn’t really listening. Sensing I was going to need to intervene or this poor bike would remain nameless forever, I mentally reached for the first British sounding name starting with an ‘M’ I could think of.

‘Mavis!’ I shouted, followed by, ‘Mavis the Maverick’ just in case he hadn’t got the point.

‘No!’ was the very firm answer.

Now, in all honesty, I probably should have left it at that point, but I figured he needed a bit of a prod for sort out this naming situation. So pushing my advantage I declared to the whole room (essentially my husband, the dog and the cat) that unless he came up with something better ‘she’ was going to be ‘Mavis’, then flounced out of the room. Yes, I really did flounce, and if you’d seen what I was wearing at the time you’d be impressed.

The following morning we were discussing something bike related and I once again mentioned ‘Mavis the Maverick’ to be met by a firm NO. Why not I teased, expecting him to say he thought the bike was more of an *insert a.n.other name*.

‘Mountain bikes can’t be girls and they can’t be girls called Mavis.’ Not the response I expected.

‘Excuse me?’

He repeated his answer before sensing that the temperature had dropped by about 20 degrees.

‘Would you care to explain exactly why a mountain bike can’t be a girl?’ Fortunately for him, he felt the sudden chill and spotted the thunderclouds gathering before he answered this time.

‘Well…. they….. errrmmm…. that is….. errrmmmmm….. what I mean is…… errrr…….’

So he now has a Raleigh Maverick called Mavis. 🙂

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