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Finally warm for the first time this year!

Finally, finally, the weather has improved and the sun is once again the bringer of warmth. Despite the forecasts of hot weather for almost a week, at the start, I didn’t quite believe it and judging by the clothing I could see others wearing, they didn’t believe it either.

On the first day of this meteorological change I had meetings in the morning but afterwards, decided to take the scenic route home. Instead of riding my normal route I took a detour of a couple of miles, not far in the grand scheme of things, and enjoyed the feel of the sunshine as I pedaled along.

Apart from how much I love feeling the warmth of the sun as I ride, seeing spring flowers along the route probably raises my spirits more than anything. The town where I live is a ‘New town’ in the north east of England which was founded 70 years ago as part of a government program to found new towns for population growth after World War 2. Part of the town is quite conventionally designed from the point of view of the style of the houses, this is the part where I live, but part was more ‘experimental’ in the way many developments of the era were. Throughout the town that there are lots of beautiful green spaces, trees, flowers and I don’t tend to feel claustrophobic the way I can in a lot of urban areas. I don’t know if this is because I grew up here so got used to it as a child, or if I’d feel this way regardless.

It was a joy to just be able to ride in the sun after the long cold winter. We’ve had a few sunny days already this year and riding on then was wonderful, but I was still bundled up in jumpers, cardigans and coats, so the warmth was relative. This ride, however, was in jeans and a teeshirt. It was as if I’d forgotten what that felt like and as I pootled along I realised that this was the first time I’d been able to ride this particular bike in such weather.  I found myself just wandering around town, my mind equally free to wander and work through any problem it came across. It never ceases to amaze me how much this helps me work through creative ideas for projects I’m involved in.

I rode about locally all last summer but when I started living car-free winter had already arrived. Now I’m not sure how much my perception of how miserable this winter was is based on walking and riding rather than driving, but boy oh boy it’s felt looooonnnnngggg.

cycling for arts sake-14

I swear I hadn’t been truly warm since October or November last year until riding down the road in that sunshine. Not the deep down warm to your bones type of warm. It was good to feel warm again.

2 thoughts on “Finally warm for the first time this year!”

  • You are so right about being able to solve problems while out and about – for me walking is even better than cycling for this. It takes my mind a while to shut up and quieten down, and then after that my thoughts get creative. I have read books by runners who say something very similar.

    • I’ve heard that from runners as well, although I guess only once they reach a certain level of fitness. I’ve heard more ‘what on earth am I doing I’m going to die!’ type comments from friends who’ve just started running. Guess it’s the same with cycling as I was sure I was going to give myself a heart attack to start with lol

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