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Visiting Stockton Cycling Festival

You know how it is.  All the interesting events seem to happen far far away and then when there finally is one close to home (and you hear about it before instead of afterwards) it’s when you have to work.  That happened to me last year for Stockton Cycling Festival so I was determined to make it this year.

It’s a 3-day festival running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The only day we could make was the Sunday and even though I was dragging my feet a little since I was feeling exhausted from a busy week, off we went. I knew that there were races throughout the 3 days and also a variety of ‘family’ orientated activities at an ‘events village’ down by the river Tees.

Heading for the events village the races were something we were happy to see but not interested in enough to make a point of timing our visit with a specific start or a finish. I spent much of my youth involved in sport and getting involved with the competitive side of cycling doesn’t hold much appeal for me personally. I can appreciate it but I was much more interested in looking around the stands and stalls.

I didn’t take my ‘big camera’ along (I was too exhausted to carry it) but I did take my little video camera and have put some of the footage into a little video.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit, it’s great to cycling orientated events locally here in the North East of England. If I could have made it even better it would have been great to see something there more aimed at cycling as a practical form of transport, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Take care till next time…

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